About Us

Barron Lighting Group, based in Glendale, Arizona, has been a leader in the lighting industry for over 50-years. With four distinct brands under its umbrella - Exitronix emergency lighting, Trace-Lite commercial and industrial lighting, specialtyLED commercial and decorative lighting, and Growlite® indoor and greenhouse horticultural lighting - Barron offers comprehensive solutions to customers' needs across a range of commercial and industrial applications.


At Barron Lighting Group, our vision is to illuminate the future of commercial and industrial lighting embodying innovation, agility, and a commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to fostering lasting relationships with lighting representatives and distributor partners, providing unrivaled value and dependability. Guided by a collective passion to make our mark on the world, we aim to foster a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow for our customers and the communities they serve.


At Barron Lighting Group, our mission is to provide innovative lighting solutions while remaining committed to the growth and development of our team members, agency partners, and customers. We are dedicated to upholding our status of being a reliable and dependable organization that places utmost importance on adaptability to meet customer needs.