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Company Description
Barron Lighting Group manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of lighting solutions in LED and HID fixtures for commercial and industrial applications and is the parent company to four brands: Exitronix emergency lighting, Trace-Lite commercial and industrial lighting, specialtyLED commercial and decorative lighting, and Growlite® indoor and greenhouse horticultural lighting.

Official Colors
Red 185C Red 1, 100, 92, 0 235, 0, 41 #EB0029
Black Black 75, 68, 67, 90 0, 0, 0 #000000
Exitronix offers a full line of exit and emergency lighting safety products including LED exit signs, emergency lights and ballasts for commercial and industrial applications. Launched in 1984 by its parent company, Barron Lighting Group, Exitronix designed, engineered and manufactured the first LED exit sign.

Trace-Lite offers LED lighting solutions including wallpacks, flood lighting, garage/canopy lighting and high/low bays for indoor and outdoor commercial and industrial lighting applications. The addition of strips, wraps, under cabinets and recessed downlights allows for a complete product offering perfect for new construction or retrofits alike.

specialtyLED offers colorful and dramatic lighting solutions including ribbon flex, flexible border tube and linear wall wash for indoor and outdoor architectural and decorative applications. With the ability to provide full design services, specialtyLED's design experts are immersed in the details of each project and turn concepts into reality.

Growlite® offers a full line of horticultural lighting products including state-of-the-art lamps, ballasts and fixtures engineered specifically for the indoor horticulture market. Growlite's mission is simple; to provide the highest quality, safest products in the market and educate the indoor grow market with the lighting industry’s latest technologies.

Version “A” logo (above) without square Barron graphic, for use in conjunction with Barron Lighting Group logo. Version “B” logo (below) with square Barron graphic, for use without Barron Lighting Group logo.

In order to measure whether or not products are in compliance with both the BAA and FAR trade regulations, one must perform the basic tests.

All Barron Lighting Group logos, including the names and logos set forth herein, are registered trademarks of Barron Lighting Group. These logos may not be altered or redrawn in any way, including changes in typestyle, proportion, letter spacing, color or placement of the individual elements making up the logo. Changing a key graphic element, however good your intentions may be, detracts from the consistency of Barron Lighting Group trademarks and logos.

  • The registered trademark ® symbol should never be removed or altered on any Barron Lighting Group logo.
  • The words “Barron Lighting Group” and the lighting halo symbol should never be separated or switched around.
  • A minimum of 0.25 inches of clear space needs to surround the logo to separate it from other elements, such as logos and symbols. This area, referred to as the area of non-interference, will preserve the visual impact and legibility of the Barron logos.
  • No other logos, symbols, words, designs or trademarks should be used in close proximity to or combined with the Barron logo.
  • If the division logos are used in conjunction with the “BARRON LIGHTING GROUP” logo, use Version “A” without the square Barron graphic.
  • If the division logos are used without the “BARRON LIGHTING GROUP” logo, use Version “B” with the square Barron graphic.
  • Growlite logos may be used without or in conjunction with the “BARRON LIGHTING GROUP” logo.

Do not substitue other fonts for the logotype

Do not stretch the logo

Do not rearrange the elements of the logo

Do not distort the logo

Do not place on heavily patterned background

Do not place items in area of non-interference

Do not change the letterspacing of the logotype

Do not use the square Barron design alone

Do not enclose the logo in a shape

If you are interested in using these logos for print and Web applications, have any questions concerning their use or have questions about other Barron Lighting Group trademarks please contact the Barron Marketing Department.

The use of these logos or other Barron trademarks by any person other than the media or authorized representatives is strictly prohibited unless such use is expressly licensed or approved by Barron Lighting Group. Please refer to the Terms, Conditions and Legal Notices at barronltg.com for additional copyright and trademark notices. By downloading Barron Lighting Group logos from this Web site, you agree to the Terms, Conditions and Legal Notices, all use restrictions governing barronltg.com, and all usage guidelines contained herein.