TLED-C Canopy • Garage Luminaire

The TLED-C Canopy • Garage Luminaire offers you the most versatile solution for overhead area illumination. This LED fixture provides multiple housing, lensing and lumen packages solving the need for a variety of lighting applications with just one fixture. The adaptability of TRACE*LITE’s TLED-C Canopy • Garage Luminaire allows you to choose from general utility lighting to parking garage lighting or to performance lighting with greater mounting heights making it the most logical choice for your lighting project.

Garage Optics

Garage Optics

Performance Optics

More distribution in the 60° to 80° zones, ideal for the lower mounting heights needed in garage applications. DLC Parking Garage Catagory
Same performance and distribution as TLED-C-G with integrated occupancy and daylight sensor
More distribution in the 30° to 60° zones, ideal for higher mounting heights over 12 feet. DLC Parking Fuel Pump Catagory

Performance Optics

Low Glare Optics

MC Compact
Low Glare Optics

Same performance and distribution as TLED-C-P with integrated occupancy and daylight sensor
Low glare unit’s optic design not only provides excellent Type VS distribution, it leads the industry in canopy glare control.
Delivering 4,845 lumens while only consuming 42 watts, it's the ideal high performance, low power, low glare canopy light.
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